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CH-11 Over the Head with Red PTT


Cobalt CH-11 Over the Head with Red PTT





  • Very Comfortable Headband
  • Fixed 3.5 mm Connector
  • Cord can be switched out for extra charge
  • 24dB NRR Rated
  • HD 2-Year Warranty



TM Tactical Throat Mic and Speaker Kit


Quantun QP-250





  • Rugged tactical throat mic and speaker kit
  • Dual mic pickups
  • Detachable inline round tactical PTT
  • Coiled radio cord
  • Clear coiled acoustic tube
  • Rubber ear tip
  • Semi custom ear mold, size M
  • Integrated cloth strap for secure fastening



Surveillance Kits


Quantun QP-250




Economy Kit with D-ring Speaker

  • Inline lapel mic with PTT clip module
  • Comfortable hygienic plastic D-ring earshell speaker
  • Swivel for either ear use


Economy Kit with Ear Bud Speaker

  • Inline lapel mic with PTT clip module
  • Ear bud speaker
  • Soft rubber ear hook support for right or left ear


Clear Acoustic Tube Reinforced Transducer Speaker Kit

  • Inline lapel mic with PTT clip module
  • Flex boom mic
  • Independent volume and speaker switch
  • Can be modified for hard hat wear



Tactical Switch Headsets


Quantun QP-250




Behind the Head

  • Hard had and helmet compatible
  • Single side ear speaker
  • HD 2-year warranty



Speaker Microphones


Quantun QP-250




Bestseller Model

  • Designed for public safety
  • Water and shock resistant
  • HD 2-year warranty


Lightweight Model

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rugged outer case
  • HD 1-year warranty


Speaker Grill PTT

  • Large PTT on speaker grill
  • Large side PTT
  • HD 2-year warranty


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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada








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